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Anxiety, Relationship, and Trauma Support in Santa Clara County
Offering In-Person and Online Therapy for California Residents

Find Your Way

You are safe here. Using mindfulness and acceptance, I'll remind you of your strengths and help you reclaim your self worth. We will figure it out together, one step at a time. 

Maybe you are struggling to raise your family due to blockages or flashbacks from the past. You might come from a long line of family traumas that are throwing your life off balance. You might wonder why you feel so much anxiety, anger, or guilt within your relationships. You might find yourself not wanting to get out of bed, and only wanting your dog to keep you company. Maybe you are going through a breakup and are having a hard time finding yourself again. You may feel an emptiness and you don't know why. 

Get in touch to schedule a 20-minute free phone consultation. Or simply book online if you are ready for an appointment.

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Our Safe Space

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